Do you need someone to talk to?

Life is challenging at the best of times . It’s a journey of ups and downs that grow and mature us. Sometimes life gets beyond what we can carry on our own. Friends and family all have their two cents worth of advice or what you should do or say, but no one really understands what you’re going through.

That’s where I come in. You no longer have to carry lifes heavy burdens on your own. Put down that heavy load you’ve been carrying around for years and lets go through it together.

People often feel a sense of shame or stigma around reaching out for help and talking to a therapist. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are actually a stronger person for reaching for help during this time. What you will gain from our journey together will only strengthen you. In therapy, I will provide you with a safe, confidential space where we work together at your pace, to help work out the puzzle in your mind.

People go to the gym to make their physical body strong. What about your emotional health? That’s just as important. Think of this as emotional fitness.


What can I help you with?

Low mood

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Find out where the source of your low mood is coming from and learn the techniques to improve your mood

Anxiety and panic attacks

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Take control of your panic attacks and understand why your body is reacting this way.  Discover the reasons why you’re anxious and techniques to reduce anxiety.

Letting Go of toxic relationships

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Learn healthy boundaries and self love. Understand why you’re attracting toxic relationships and friendships.

Low self esteem

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Uncover the tools to raise your self confidence and learn to love yourself.

Emotional Eating

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Discover the root cause of why you comfort eat and how to soothe yourself in ways that support your goals.

Feeling misunderstood

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Sometimes the heaviness of your problems means no one can connect with you nor understand what you’re going through. Counselling can provide the safe place for your feelings and thoughts to be explored at a pace that feels right for you,.


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